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Introduction Post [F-Locked Only]

Introduction Post [F-Locked Only]

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-My name is "Apple"
-From Bangkok, Thailand
-Working for life and idols

My fav:
-Hey! Say! JUMP

-Ikuta Toma
-Yamazaki Kento
-Mamiya Shotaro



My ship:

-Mamiya Shotaro x Yamazaki Kento

Thanks for adding me and nice to meet you all...
Please leave your comments here if you wish to be added.

This LJ will share some raw files whichever I think it's good
and yet if I have time...
  • XD

    Hi my name is Hana and I'm from Spain, nice to meet you. I'm searching for arashi files no matter where no matter what..If you kindly help me accepting my request I'll be thankful for good, please forgive my english!
    • Re: XD

      surely i added u.
      but i don't have much files in my LJ...
      only when i have time and find that it's interesting to share ^^

      hope u enjoy Arashi world. I can help if you need sth :D
      • Re: XD

        Thank you very much, well a few is better than nothing, i hope i can find everything little by little, specially the old ones! Is my desire keep them all to show them all to the new arashians like me that are longing to see the old days shows!
        Thanks again for your kind and if i can help you out in anything just say it! It will be a pleasure.
        • Re: XD


          i'm not sure if you have them already or not.
          but they have old subbed files re-uploaded there.

          Thank you to stop by too ^^
          Nice to meet u :D
          • Re: XD

            Hi again!
            Yes I'm already member there have tons and I've downloaded a lot but i'm more interested in raw ones! i found as well a blog in baidu with everything, sadly subbed into chinese, but is an amazing collection let me know if you want it!
            Have a lovely day!

  • Greeting from Malaysia!! Hi..I'm Gyee

    Die hard fan of Arashi ^^V & love to see other Johnny Idol too~~

    Looking forward to be your friend..hihi Yoroshiku~
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